“God works all things together for good of those that love him….” Romans 8:28

I do not know where you are in life or how many broken dreams you may have experienced. As hard as it may be to believe, you can know that this verse from the Bible is true. Dreaming is important, but even more importantly we need to trust in God. As our lives have celebrations, God is there next to us. As our lives have heartaches, God is there next to us. That is the theme of of my book. That is the theme of my speaking engagements. That is the theme of this website. And that is the theme of of my life.

I encourage you to read my book. Also, please contact me at Judy.rossbacher@gmail.com if you know of a group that would like to hear this message. I love sharing what God has taught me through my life experiences in both small and large group settings. I want to stimulate discussions on topics such as: caring for “special needs” children, burnout-recovery and prevention, grieving the loss of infant children and celebrating their short lives.
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